Peter Fudakowski was born in London in 1954, and educated at Cambridge University where he graduated with a Degree in Economics, followed by a Masters Degree in Business Administration from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.
Peters early career was in banking, financing feature films which have always been his passion.
In 1981, together with his wife Henrietta, Peter decided to spend a few months travelling in Latin America. Those few months turned into a voyage of 14 months around the world and Peters first body of photographic work, much of which ended up in commercial image libraries. Twenty years later, when time and finances permitted, Peter held his first exhibition of world photographs in London and Zakopane.
Peter has always been a keen photographer and it is with a special fondness that he has recently taken to photographing the mountains and environs of Zakopane. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Peter and Henrietta determined to build a house in one of the most picturesque spots near Zakopane, facing the imposing and characteristic mountain of Giewont. By late 1991, Peter and Henriettas traditional wooden chalet in Zakopane had been completed, and a love affair with Giewont in all its weather facades began. The result is a series of pictures of Giewont through the seasons, now featured in this exhibition.