NY and World Trade towers, '81

nr 1

NY World Trade towers

nr 2

Haunted church, Andes

nr 3

Hut and rock, Thailand

nr 4

Yacht at bay, Galapagos

nr 5

Beachcombers sunset, Java

nr 6

Buddha's head, Thailand

nr 7

Arequipa, St. Catelina, Peru

nr 8

Boatman, Peru

nr 9

Crooked houses and lady, Java

nr 10

Cuenca, Ecuador

nr 11

Elephant and baby, Thailand

nr 12

Fern stem

nr 13

Fisherman, Bali

nr 14

Fishermen sunset, Java

nr 15

Java under the volcano

nr 16

Paddy fields, Bali

nr 17

Pelican, Galapagos

nr 18

Zebra's bottom

nr 19

Pumpkin sellers, Bolivia

nr 20

Granny and boy, church, Mexico

nr 21

Horse's head, Argentina

nr 22

Fishing boat, Bali

nr 23

Rainbow and church, Atlanta

nr 24

Museum exercise, Chicago

nr 25

Mt Osorno and lake, Chile

nr 26